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"There is no religion higher than the truth."
~ Madame Blavatsky ~

This website is our gift to mankind. We claim no original cosmological truth. All we are doing is revealing some of the underlying principles of the universe in an integrated fashion, in order to explain both the nature of the 'quinta essentia' (QE or alchemical sulfur), and the nature and identification of the source minerals (alchemical salt) in which it is found. We believe that the time for the truth to remain hidden (occult) is coming to a close. Not necessarily because the human race — speaking collectively — is any more spiritual or trustworthy than in past millennia, but because of the cloak that those in darkness have managed to place over truth, and over the eyes of so many. In such a darkened state the true nature of this universe and our place in it, it almost impossible for the uninitiated to discover.

We offer what understanding we have of the light of sacred (true) science, so that the Law of Polarity may be balanced. May those whose Greater Eye is opened, accept this offering in the spirit in which it is given.

. . . Know ye, O man,  that all of the future is an open book to him who can read. All effect shall bring forth its causes as all effects grew from the first cause . . .

. . . When man again shall conquer the ocean and fly in the air on wings like the birds; when he has learned to harness the lightning, then shall the time of warfare begin. Great shall the battle be twixt the forces, great the warfare of darkness and Light . . .

~ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth ~

Mankind must once more be told the truth, that He may choose his destiny freed from ignorance. This places a greater responsibility upon us all collectively — as well as each of us independently — to choose, knowing the consequences of those choices. This is agency; causality driven by understanding.

For millennia deeper truth was hidden from many. This was done for two reasons. The first was to protect those unprepared for such knowledge from choking on it (attempting to eat meat before they had learned to drink milk), but there was also another motive. This motive was based in the belief that if and when evilly disposed persons get their hands on higher knowledge, they inexorably use to to usurp power over those who they deem their inferiors. There is not a culture, nor an epoch in Man's long history, where such was not the case. However, what was once a good policy, is no longer valid. "Why," you may ask?

Since the Nazi's exploded the first atom bomb (Europe, 1941), since the first man made starship (popularly known as UFOs, or 'flying saucers') was seen in our skies, the playing field on earth must be understood to have become irrevocably altered. No longer is high technology — based in aetheric principles — hidden. For those who understand that these discoveries were not (as we have been lead to believe) accidents, nor are they the work of alien intelligences. This knowledge was re-discovered in this planet by those who desired to control all of mankind. Those sacred secrets once so carefully guarded, are now in the hands of precisely those for whom they were never intended.

Assuming this to be the case, one might argue that the old policies have failed. Now, in order to preserve our very race, it is up to spiritually centered, honest, moral individuals, to come to an understanding of the truth, so that the very fabric of our civilization may be preserved. It is for this reason — based in such assumptions — that we offer what we know of truth to all who would receive it.

It needs to be clarified that we do not have all truth. No one does; except the God of nature herself. However, we wish those who visit this site to understand our intentions. And we wish all to know that such as we reveal should not be misconstrued to have come from leaks originating in some black-ops laboratory. To the contrary, an enlightened mind is quite capable of re-discovering the
Secret of the Ages directly from the universe itself. This was known once as revealed knowledge, or Gnosis (Knossos).

It is in the spirit of gnosis that we offer this feast of accumulated knowledge to the group mind. Chew carefully.



Dedicated to all who seek light and truth, and with deepest appreciation and thanks to all those who made our marvelous discoveries possible.

First we wish to acknowledge Cathy for her many sacrifices and contributions over the years. Also, we would be remiss if we did not mention our debt to Dionne and (the late) Ellis for their efforts and assistance on our behalf. Thanks also to the two Carls, through whose work — both in the obscure field of petroglyph research, and in direct support of our field work — cut years off the process of discovery. A special thanks also to the members of the original Circle of Azoth, without whose consecrated efforts on behalf of this work our discoveries may have taken many more years to have been realized as viable products.

Finally, and with respect, this site is dedicated to the memory of Charles Waltman, whose theory of the aetheric 'fabric of space' opened the doors to the receipt of further light. May he rest in peace.

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Luna et Sol [Fig. 1]

When we say that our products are the result of Modern Alchemy from Ancient Sources, this is not simply a company slogan. For over 40 years our founder (Dorian Taddei) has sought for fundamental answers to the nature of life and consciousness. This honest search for the ‘secret of the ages’ has born fruit: the fruit of the proverbial “Tree of Life.”

The products offered by Spagyric Arts, LLC (of Portland, Oregon) are the practical result of this quest. However, the knowledge gained by Taddei, and the many facts and answers found within these pages, are not new. They represent truths older than mankind, and have only been re-discovered. These are primordial truths. However, we live in a modern age when new approaches to analytical science has provided new tools for understanding. We have applied these tools and technologies to the art of alchemical preparations. Hence, this slogan is the simple truth.

Our products contain high levels of what was known anciently as 'quinta essentia' (QE). QE are five metallic molecules formed from the same primordial atoms which normally align in long chains to form the more familiar metals. The QE, however, form shorter di-atomic molecules, and have markedly different physical properties than their long-chained metallic cousins. All QE metal di-atoms share two characteristics in common: a FCC (face-centered cubic) crystallographic structure, and an odd number of electrons in their outer orbits. We theorize that these atoms — under a narrow range of pressures and temperatures, and in the correct environment — bond to one another as geometrically balanced, mirrored di-atoms. Once in this form (and depending upon their mass), this bond forms highly stable molecules, structurally close-packed in such a manner as to be practically inert. We call this an OM (orbitally -mirrored) bond.

In the language of alchemy, rock containing unusually high levels of the QE was called “prima materia.” Using three terms —
Salt, Sulfur and Mercury — they would explain their processes of separation and purification of the 'elixir of life' from its mineral (prima materia) base. When the QE, also called (alchemical) Sulfur, was removed from its prima materia rock — in which nature's processes trapped or constrained it — the remaining rock, stripped of its quintessence, was referred to as (alchemical) Salt.

Prima Materia
Ancient symbols for Prima Materia (left-right): carved bead, Mohenjo Daro (Pakistan), Nevada, California and Arizona [Fig. 2]

As we will explain in the
MINERALOGY section, the five QE di-atoms — like any mineral ‚ are found in different types of rock. There are three major types of rock, and two major families of the five QE. Elixirs made from either of these two groups were referred to as the Green and Red Dragons or Lions.

Egyptian hieroglyphic_Nunx3[K]
3 celestially-elevated 3 Nu pots symbolizing 3 types of rock next to Egyptian symbols of Nun (primordial waters = aether) [Fig. 3]

The so-called Green Dragon or Green Lion elixir, was also the first elixir which the initiate would learn to make. This was not the final alchemical opus — the making of the lapis philosophorum, or "philosopher's stone" — but held the potential to extend the life of the young alchemist, long enough to enable the acquisition of skills and knowledge required to master the second stage of the processes for doing so. It was said of the Green Dragon elixir that those in possession of this substance could live free of major illness and disease to 120-130 years of age. We hold that, if taken regularly (starting at about age 30), this may well be an accurate assessment.

Alchemists carefully documented the stages/processes required to making the Green Dragon, however, by mutual agreement, this information was always kept secret, encoded in symbols (whether symbolic language, esoteric ideograms, or complex alchemical emblems). One example of this encoding appears in the work of Michael Maier. In the example below a series of birds stand in for those processes. [See
ALCHEMY REDISCOVERED for more information]

These Green Dragon elixirs had many descriptive names, but most directly referenced their white, viscous appearance and properties. In Egypt names for this elixir included the semen of Horus. In India it was remembered in the story of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk. The Green Dragon was also associated with both virility and fertility, and yet is feminine in nature, and is inevitably tied to associations with the moon. In the traditions of the Celts and ancient peoples of Ireland and Wales, the elixir of life (the Green Dragon or Green Lion elixir) was celebrated on the day of an ewe's first lactation, or the day of milk. A medieval glossary etymologizes the term as oimelc "ewe's milk [Meyer, Kuno, Sanas Cormaic: an Old-Irish Glossary compiled by Cormac úa Cuilennáin, King-Bishop of Cashel in the ninth century (1912).]

This connection between the elixirs of life and the sheep — more precisely the Ram — are millennia old. In the section of this web site titled
ALCHEMY REDISCOVERED this association is clarified, and the esoteric connections between the symbol of Aries and links to astrology and consciousness are explored in detail.

Esoteric symbols usually have a tripled nature. This is certainly the case for symbols like Aries, the heavenly ram. Such ideograms will encode three concepts, with mineral (alchemical), heavenly (Astrological) and spiritual (consciousness) associations. Applying this to Aries we find this symbol of a sheep with swept horns, or a ram's head, encoding the alchemical meaning "calcination" (heating a mineral to near the melting point to oxidize it), an astrological reference to the constellation Aries, as well as and symbolizing true faith or gnosis of those who followed the ancient cosmo-religion. [For more on the Cosmo-Religion please see our sister site: www.HiddenInLight.com]

It is also interesting to note that the symbol of Aries is very similar to the shape of the ancient dowsing rod. Dowsing was an integral part of the search for alchemical prima materia, with a history dating back to pre-history. The same symbol — a 'Y' shape — was also the symbol for silver, and silver has aways been associated with health. As we shall see, the Green Dragon elixir, being derived from dolomitic limestone, was associated with silver. Indeed, in most geological locations where dolomite was harvested for its alchemical use as prima materia, there appears to have been a high level of silver OMMPAs trapped within its organic, carbonate matrix.

The Aries symbol is a major esoteric symbol tying together overlapping symbolic ideas linking alchemy, astrology and human consciousness. This symbol appears on one of the oldest symbolic pieces of ancient 'rock' art, quarried from the Dolomitic Alps of southern Europe over 22,000 years ago; a piece encoded with many features reiterating these related esoteric ideals. This stone has been called the "Venus of Laussel."

Venus of Laussel_Alchemical symbolism ca. 22,000 BCE
The fertility object encoding alchemical & astrological principles, the Venus of Laussel [Fig. 4]

As we shall see the symbol of the ram was incorporated into perhaps the single most misinterpreted symbols of the Hierophants of the ancient mariner-astrologer-alchemist traditions, the Magi, which appear across the planet. In the Great Basin region these petroglyph carvings have become known as "big-bellied" sheep. We will cover this ubiquitous symbol in the
ALCHEMY RECODED section of this web site.

Navigational ephemeris tables record the geographic position of the First Point of Aries as the reference for position of navigational stars. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the astrological signs of the tropical zodiac where these equinoxes are located no longer correspond with the actual constellations once ascribed to them.

The March equinox sun drifts westward in front of the backdrop of constellations by about one degree (two sun diameters) every 72 years, yet the March equinox sun shone in front of the constellation Aries 2200 BCE. A revival of transoceanic contact, intended to re-establish the knowledge of what we have chosen to call the cosmo-religion (global religion based on a knowledge of human consciousness and true cosmology began in 2200 BCE. It followed on the heels of the end of a comet bombardment cycle with global consequences, which occurred, beginning about 2250 BCE. Because this was a new era for global contact, many rock art sites display petroglyphs dating to this period.

At present, the sun shines in front of the constellation Pisces on the March equinox. Even so, many people pay homage to the Ram and still refer to the March equinox point as the “First Point of Aries.” This tradition dates to this period of new awakening.

Michael Maier_12 Keys(Clavis_ix) Simplfied[K]
Emblem by Count Michael Maier depicting the process for making, and the effects on the human body, of the
Green Dragon elixir. The bird symbols represent the processes employe [Fig. 5]

At the same site (in the Northern Mojave Desert area) where we first discovered the alchemical petroglyphs which inevitably lead to our uncovering America's esoteric, alchemical history, Dorian predicted, and recorded the lunar alignment seen below. This event was recorded on February 1st, 2007, at local moonrise. This is the evening traditionally associated with the beginning of the celebration of Imbolc. This was also the first Imbolc 'cross quarter' day of the Metonic Cycle associated with an lunar eclipse sequence of the Saros Cycle. This was why this alignment was suspected and predicted for this specific evening. To view this alignment the alchemist sat on a large dolomitic boulder placing his feet in a target and looked to the east. There existed three coordinated objects in this alignment. [For more information pleases see the "Imbolc Metonic Cycle Alignment" tab on the AS ABOVE...SO BELOW page]

Shiva-linga (INY) [sm]
Shiva Linga 100% full moon (Metonic Cycle) alignment. Date: Imbolc evening, February 1st, 2007 [Fig. 6]

The solution resulting from this process (putrefaction, dissolution, fermentation and final reforta) contained the concentrated QE, called
Sulfur. Re-trapped in a new admixture which could be taken internally as (alchemical) Mercury, the process of the preparation of the elixir of life from the base Salt was complete.

Although antiquated and a bit cryptic to our modern sensibilities, the descriptions and processes of the alchemists represented correct observational science, seen through the eyes of a different age. Employing this language we would say that our Spagyric Arts processes: liberate the
Sulfur from the Salt of our prima materia source material, then re-trap this Sulfur in a Mercury (in this case, a metal hydroxides), as an “elixir of life." Many symbols were used for processes, but many of the base symbols of the elements chemicals of alchemy, were directly linked to the planetary symbols of astrology (ancient astronomy), and have survived intact for millennia. One of those symbols is that of the "quinta essentia,' also known as alchemical Mercury.

Quinta Essentia_Underworld Symbol
Esoteric symbol for alchemical Mercury (closely linked to both the symbols for quinta essentia and prima materia)
encodes the astrological 'conjunctio' through the depiction of Luna's eclipsed rim. [Fig. 7]

The quinta essentia were called Sulfur because the ancients knew chemical sulfur burned: giving off heat and light. In a very real sense the QE di-atoms of metals drag through the aether, vibrating at speeds approach light itself, and transfer the energy of the aether to a form of heat (as vibration), which in turn drives human metabolic processes into high gear. Therefore the use of the term Sulfur is symbolically accurate as descriptive of the transducere aetherica mechanism of QE. The result of the harmonic stimulation of the body by these di-atomic transducers is increased wellness and vitality. For this reason these materials (in their potable form) were universally called elixirs of life.

Our two major elixirs are examples of what were known to post Medieval and Renaissance alchemists of Europe as the Green Dragon or Green Lion elixir. These elixirs were considered the precursor to the making of the lapis philosophorum, or “Philosopher’s Stone.” This ‘stone’ was the result of combing the Green and Red Dragon QE, and is depicted in this symbolic fashion throughout this period.

Before the lapis philosophorum could be realized, a solution containing all five of the QE was produced. Whether these five components came from a combination of sedimentary and igneous sources, or from metamorphic rock (a combination of both types) was not important. However, in most of the formulae still extant from written sources, first a Green Dragon elixir was produced, and purified, and then a Red Dragon source was added. The precursor to the final alchemical Opus, the 'lapis philosophorum' — the admixture containing all five of the QE — was called the Elixir Vitae by Renaissance alchemists.

In the Ripley Scroll — a classic example of esoteric, alchemical emblematic art — we see depicted the three types of rock, the two ‘dragons,’ and the elixir vitae: the blood coming from the Green Dragon’s heart depicting the role in the manufacture of the ‘stone.’

R&G Dragon_Elixir Vitae(rev3)
A section of the famous Ripley Scroll, a Renaissance tapestry featuring formulae for the Elixirs of Life [Fig. 8]

QE is also concentrated in plants. Plant humic and fulvic acids bind minerals from the soil, concentrating them within their cells. Alchemists knew this and through the natural process of fermentation, the Sulfur in plants would end up concentrated in alcohol, the Mercury of plant-based alchemy. This is the basis for the so-called Spagyric Art, so named by the famous Renaissance alchemist and physician, Paracelsus. Spagyricists also developed methods for calcining (burning) plants to concentrate their Sulfur, allowing them to be processed as minerals. This is still practiced today in greater India as Ayurvedic medicine.

Our term for the
quinta essentia is OMMPA, which in an acronym for orbitally mirrored metallic primordial atoms (please see the OMMPA page in this web site for more detailed information). Although a peculiar acronym, it is no more obtuse than many alchemical terms, and it is highly descriptive. We will continue to employ this term until a better one comes along. This term OMMPA refers to materials with a growing list of names in our times, including the acronym ORME, and terms M-State and ORMUS. It is perhaps fitting that the Egyptians, lacking a better term for these marvelous metal di-atoms, called them by a word meaning — literally — “what is it?” This word, in Hebrew, translates to the word Manna.

Perhaps at last we have an answer for the Egyptian question-name: what is it? It . . . is a series of 5 metals which share specific properties allowing for a unique form of atomic bond. One of the great questions of the ancient world has been answered. This naturally occurring series of atomic structures may be the single most important key to life extension. In the proper concentrations (see
LIFE EXTENSION) these materials power the natural mechanisms of vitality and longevity through the transduction of the energy of aether-drag.

Like so many other principles, symbols and concept of alchemy, they are found globally and mean the same thing. So many occurrences of precisely the same symbols, linked to the same practices and sciences, cannot be a coincidence, and cannot be explained by parallel development. This web site is dedicated to explaining these alchemical truths and deciphering alchemy’s long, occulted history.

For more insights into the broader cosmological implications of aetheric science and consciousness, we refer you to our sister web site
HiddenInLight.com. Be sure to pay this site a visit if you are interested in our fascinating new interpretation of the occult (meaning hidden) history of the ancient world.





Although this web site focuses on alchemy, and seeks to apply relevant modern scientific insights to this discussion, in order to understand the true nature of ancient alchemy, we must also understand the actual cosmology of the universe. Within the pages of this website we will demonstrate that ancient truths were understood, recorded, and transmitted down through time, by occult groups; those we refer to as esotericists. The breakthroughs we reveal within would not have been possible unless we learned once again to read the esoteric symbols of the past.

By 'truth' we refer to fundamental truths in this universe, facts and experiences which can be measured both by modern instrumentation as well as by the mind-body complex known as the soul. We are referring to primordial, or cosmological truths. Put another way, there are absolutes which are firmly based in the universe's unchanging structure, or cosmology. As we will explore within this website, we hold this structure to be cubic, tessellated, and simultaneously dynamic and mechanical in nature.

We attempt to maintain the established rigorous standards of modern science in our work, although we do not limit ourselves to empirical evidence alone. We embrace the same methods for gaining true understanding (or gnosis) used by those referred to anciently under many titles, including as Hermeticists, Gnostics, Esotericists and so on. Such methods rely both on empirical observation and critical analysis, as well as upon intuition; both being balanced. In the tradition generally referred to today as the Kabbalah or Cabalism, empirical knowledge was represented by the masculine (yang) sephira Chockmah, and the more intuitive and feminine (yin) sephira, Binah. In this truly ancient tradition (as we shall prove, a tradition with origins many millennia prior to the so-called Jewish esoteric tradition of Kabbalah), such balanced understanding represented an evolutional state of transcendence represented by a hidden sephira, a transitional state, called Da'at in Hebrew (Duat, or the Underworld in the Egyptian language). This sephira representing nothing less than the path to at-one-ment with God and true enlightenment.

Theirs was a 'sacred science.' To clarify, by occult we simply mean, hidden. These truths were considered sacred truths which were entrusted only to initiates of occult (or esoteric) orders, and were not to be profaned. It was well understood that those not seeking spiritual consciousness would not only misunderstand such knowledge, but misuse it as well. Occultation of this corpus of knowledge is an ancient tradition to which The Christ referred when he spoke of not casting one's pearls before swine. In fact, those who — not comprehending their worth — first reject such things, often do not stop there, but turn on those who attempt to teach them. People fear that which they do not understand. Millennia of such fear and misunderstanding is parodied in the Hollywood version of the mob, complete with noose and torches, come to root out the local witch, or eccentric scientist in his castle. Such an image is not far from the truth.

Sadly, it seem that few are ever prepared for cosmological clarity, and esoteric principles and adherents suffered at the hands of uninformed mobs throughout history. And yet it was only modern Christianity which began referring to these ancient occult traditions as evil, and the imposition of the Catholic 'Inquisition' on the known world, which caused the noblest of ancient traditions — Hermeticism, Gnosticism and eventually even alchemy itself — to be thought of as somehow linked to dark and evil designs and Satanic practices.

Confusion also sets in when high-profile individuals working in occult fields end up following darker paths. Some, like the infamous Alexander Crowley, have become heroes to those who seek to justify themselves and their own decadent practices. His lack of a deeper understanding and distortion of the Indian Tantric traditions surrounding the power of procreative forces (sexual energy), coupled to a general disregard for the sacredness of the same in our modern society, has lead many to incorrectly perceive both the intentions and practices of the world's hoariest traditions as atavistic and superstitious. This is a travesty, for it can be argued that it was these very esoteric traditions, and their dedicated core of practitioners, who steered this world — often poised on the edge of an abyss of spiritual darkness and moral regression — back into the light. This misconstrued and occulted history we attempt to redress through our research, some of which can be found on the web site

of the true emphasis of Sadly, his example has been followed by many who have become confused as to the true message of the ancient practitioners of the major esoteric traditions. And so, to clarify, when we refer to the 'occult,' we refer to thousands of years of traditions of light and truth, and those who followed the path of the same to higher consciousness. For the sake of political correctness we will refer to those who followed such traditions merely as Esotericists.

If we were to describe the religion of the ancients in the simplest terms possible it might be a knowledge of the universe as it is, and man's place in it. Additionally, they understood that the universe was created for all life, but as the ultimate testing ground for the human soul. All ancient esoteric traditions maintain that we — the human species — is the ultimate expression of nature; of God. We are — what the acid-rock band the Jefferson Airplane once dubbed — 'the crown of creation.' In a proverbial
nutshell, this universe was made for Man, whose potential is to become a creator himself, and therefore to ultimately carry on the act of creation once prepared to do so. To this end all of nature supports us, when we are in tune with the same creative force. And yet great may be the fall of mankind when this simple truth is lost, or forgotten, for man, as a mere intelligent animal, has no such claim on nature. This is the state of the (to use the esoteric pejorative) natural man.


By necessity we must depart from much of the abstract physics which has become the hallmark of our materialist sciences in order to discover the truth for ourselves. By abstract physics, we are referring to the modern focus on mathematics – and the reliance upon metaphors derived from mathematical extrapolations – employed to explain the cosmology — which it can truly be said, explain nothing. Mathematics cannot transfer vital truths, nor explain the dynamic aether. Mathematics can be used to equate one form of energy to another (engineering), and to measure forces and energy relationships (physics), but is incapable — as a language —of describing the true aetheric fabric of space in its dynamic synergy. For this we must rely on direct experiences and intuition, and we can only properly approach such experiences with esoteric

It is absolutely necessary to develop a working model of this aetheric 'fabric of space' if one seeks an exegesis of the universe and its laws. Lacking such a foundation no answers can be attained as the proper questions themselves cannot be framed. From a philosophical perspective these questions take on a different form, but might be summed up as follows. Where do we come from? What are we doing here? What's next? In a strictly cosmological framework we might want to rephrase these questions. What is the cause of creation (dualism)? How can this universe of balanced opposition be approached, and understood, through human consciousness. What is the potential of man as a conjoined spirit-body?

In our current state of ignorance concerning the true cosmology, there would would appear to be an unbridgeable gulf separating the understanding of spirit and matter. This is an illusion. As we will demonstrate, many of our alleged fundamentals, as taught today — like the true nature of light, to name one example — are wrong. There are those who will insist this is ridiculous. However, we will offer ample arguments and data to prove our point here. We maintain that what we need is revisit some of these fundamentals. For if our current science is wrong — because so much is based in these allegedly correct fundamentals — if we've gotten our facts wrong, then everything we think we know may require major revisions. In fact, some ideas will need to be scrapped altogether.

The neoplatonic division between spirit and matter is an artificial one, which, sadly, has permeated both our sciences and our religions. Clarifying the problem, and restating these issues in the proper cosmological framework, is also a topic we explore from a number of different angles. The aether is alive (but in a way our science cannot explain), and is the single fundamental. It is the only way we can truly answer this puzzle, and the only model we need to explain the connection between all things spiritual (energy) and physical. The aether is eternal, and it is omnipresent. There is no place where there is no aether. Among the many names given to it by our ancient ancestors, we prefer the simplest. We simply call it the 'ALL.'

From a biological and evolutionary perspective we might also inquire as to the true nature of evolution, based in an aetheric universe. However, to answer this we would need to gain a correct understanding of the interface between spirit and matter (consciousness). Expressed in cosmological terms, we might ask what is matter, and what really defines energy? As any who have been exposed to modern physics can tell you, we do not have the answers to these questions . . . at least we didn't have the answers, until now.

The ancient esoteric/alchemical traditions have been trying to explain the aether to us for millennia. Their knowledge of its nature and functions was expressed through
alchemical terminology (1, 2, 3, 4), and through artwork. The light of the aether (standing light wave) is conducted on up into physical matter. Alchemists described this through the allegory of two suns, one dark and one light; the light sun is actually indirect light. This aetheric fabric has many names in esoteric traditions, including: The ALL, The One Thing, Sophia, Pistis Sophia, Akashic Record, Light of Christ, and so on.

This idea of a foundational set of cosmological fundamentals, is something which is conspicuously absent in the many fields of modern scientific endeavor. Abstraction has become the hallmark of modern philosophy, and resulted in the fad of convoluted circular reasoning, such as existentialism. When a fundamental aetheric cosmological premise is abandoned for an abstraction abandoned, mankind is lead into the darkness of beliefs in spontaneous creation from nothing. For modern Christian religions this belief can be summed up in the Latin term, ex nihilo (from nothing).

Ironically, materialist science now has their own ex nihilo theory call the theory of a 'big bang.' Science, once at odds with these same religious doctrines for centuries – now also embraces the same nonsense. Suddenly, in a new consensus, both sides are congratulating each other on their mutual confusion. We aver that no such cosmology exists, and that such theories are incorrect at a fundamental level. Furthermore, simple observation of the current conundrum indicates what we history has already shown us in past epochs. Namely, that such beliefs steer the human race into a maze of paradoxes which leads to both secular, as well as religious, darkness. To extend this metaphor a bit, true cosmology is like a labyrinth, and not a maze. The labyrinth may seem convoluted, but there is only one way in, and by extension, one way out. In a maze there are many false paths and dead ends. In terms of epistemology, if one is not in possession of the 'truth' one may become lost forever. Perhaps this is why the ancients — those who understood the only way out was through direct revelation, or gnosis — aid of those who relied solely upon rationalizations and empiricism: [these are thy who are] ". . . forever learning, but never coming to a knowledge of the truth."

We approach the explanation of some of these esoteric truths using a TOE (theory of everything) which can be shown to have been known to some, even in antiquity. In fact, the further back we seek for the evidence of such knowledge, the more obvious it is to us that this knowledge arose in the dawn of human consciousness, or from the beginnings of what could be called the first 'Age of Man.'


Additionally, we hold that there have always been advanced individuals in possession of such fundamental knowledge. These individuals lived on earth at all periods of Man's development, even in remote times. Their existence, although not always easy to prove with extant artifacts, is, nevertheless, implicit and can be seen through an examination of occult truth and ancient symbolism which encodes their knowledge. Although hard evidence of their science is largely ignored by the mainstream, it is evident at sites across the planet. From the massive stones of the ancient temple of Baalbek and alchemical healing henges like those at Stonehenge, to the relics of ancient civilizations like the Great Pyramid at Giza, the evidence lies everywhere. More importantly, many of the older sites are clearly mapped across the surface of the earth not only following sacred geodetic gridlines, but linked to celestial positioning and movements. Furthermore, these locations reflect the eternal zodiacal drama of the galaxy we are immersed in: the celestial. In the ancient parlance of the Esotericists, "as above, so below.

To establish an epistemological bridge between these conjoined realities of spirit and physical existence (in order to decipher truth), we will need tools to explore the mind-brain interface itself. As we will show, the ancients had both correct fundamentals, and understood, and used these tools. For many who believe in current interpretations of the origins and teachings of the world's major western religions, claims of the extensive use of entheogens (indole-based chemistry like psilocybin, and LSAs) by those whose mystical experiences inspired these religions, will seem a heresy. And yet, this is where the truth leads us.

Well documented entheogenic sacrament of early religions, the Morning Glory (Ipomoea)

The ancient Egyptian symbol for the transitory state between life and death — as used to indicate re-birthing rituals — the symbol DUAT

For this reason the 'faithful' of neither mainstream science nor mainstream religion, are likely to accept our findings. We realize that, but politely insist that the truth be given a fair hearing.


What we find is that the first stage of Man's evolution was really an awakening, followed by a 'spiritual death' as we lost our newly acquired consciousness. Mankind's first stage of evolution represented an apotheosis, followed by a 'fall." This is the truth buried in the ancient allegory of the taking of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. As we point out further into this website (see the ALCHEMY REDISCOVERED page), the actual translation of this ancient term from the Hebrew should have been the "Tree of ALL Knowledge." The Egyptians had a word for "everything." It could be translated: "Everything we know, and everything we don't know."

This site explores not only these truths, as they were known anciently, but the myriad of implications stemming from this new ontological approach to the study of human consciousness, with its many implications in terms of mankind's conjoined spiritual-physical evolution. It should be clarified here that what we are claiming is that that the human body, conjoined to the spirit through the interface of the mind-brain, its life extended through the use of alchemical sacraments containing OMMPAs (aka ORMUS, M-State materials, etc.), permits the realization of a radical metamorphosis. The resulting being may reach states of energetic consciousness in which there is no end to learning and progression. The ancients called those attaining such a state, gods.

However, this mind-brain interface needs to be comprehended first, in order to be engineered, as it is not normally comprehended under conditions of day-to-day animal survival. This 'interface' (to use a modern computer analog) is normally transparent to the 'natural man.' In order to understand consciousness one must first become aware of one's existence beyond the confines of the illusion of what the eastern religions refer to as Samsara, or the illusion produced by the ego. Without such an awakening of consciousness, one cannot re-enter the light of creation or 'clear light.' Most not only do not attain consciousness in this life, and few even realize there is anything beyond this delusion. To borrow from a contemporary Hollywood metaphor, such are happily embedded in the 'matrix.'

If men and women are truly to evolve to become gods (defined as one who is not only immortal, or extremely long lived, but one who does not forget the prior learning of his or her lifetime), then they must learn to navigate their own consciousnesses, thereby discovering their true natures, ultimately to gain mastery over their physical desires and emotions. This requires that an individual surrender his or her Ego (with which empirical evidence is comprehended and categorized in the brain) in order to directly experience the aetheric medium itself — what the late Terence McKenna referred to as the 'wholly other,' and what the Hermeticists called the ALL (aka the aetheric fabric of space). The ancient saying — carved into stone by the Oracle's cave at Delphi — "Man, Know Thyself," comes immediately to mind.

By contrast to Darwinian materialist evolutionary theory, mankind's real evolution can be said to have started with the attainment of consciousness first, only to have been lost it as he gave into his animal desires once again. That is to say that man once walked as a man but lived as an animal (lacking consciousness), before becoming — what was referred to in the ancient myths of the garden and the two trees — Man. Man's extensive neural network and advanced brain was the result of evolution driven by spirit; not merely driven by chance. The ancients understood that what we call (physical) evolution was the result of Nature's expression of the aspirations of spirit, working on a pre-programmed template which was expressed physical characteristics. We call this physical (genetic) expression controller, DNA. The ancient esotericists also knew that all the Earth was constantly propelled forwards, pouring its energy into procreation and new expression, in order to realize its final goal: the creation of Man.

The Celtic Druids – descendants of the tribes of Israel — called the mind of God at large (what we might call God's 'Spirit') Awen, and this 'Spirit' in Man (under his control) Enidvadew. It was man's desires which, they claimed, directed his own evolution, and further taught that this expression could affect this evolution even within a single lifetime.

From the Glastonbury Abbey's sacred texts called the Kolbrin (only recently published to the world, in 1992) we read this excerpt:


"Now, the Children of God were moulded by the Hand of God which is called
Awen, and it manifested according to their desires. For all
things which have life are moulded by Awen
. The fox, shivering in the coldlands, longs for warmth and so its cubs have warmer coats.
The owl, clumsy in the dark, longs to see its prey more clearly, and in generations of longing the desire is granted.
Awen makes
everything what it is
, for all things change under its law.

Men, too, are moulded by their desires, but unlike the beasts and birds their yearnings are circumscribed by the laws of fate and
destiny and the law of sowing and reaping. These, the desires, modified by the laws, are called Enidvadew. Unlike the beasts and
birds, this, in man, is something relating to him rather than to his offspring, though they are not untouched by it."

Only the most recent biological breakthroughs are now pointing us back to this idea. The human mind can modify the structure of water, for example. In other words the mind can re-order matter through projection. The elixirs of life (OMMPAs) appear to enhance this ability in man, perhaps by several mechanisms. We already know that DNA can be directly modified by viruses at the level of the codon, and by the actions of enzymes bacteria can modify DNA at higher levels of organization. We propose that man can also modify his own DNA, by thought alone, under the proper conditions. We believe that this was what the Druids were talking about. But how did these primitive old guys know this?

We do not believe mankind has been evolving, but to the contrary, he has been devolving. We cover these ideas at various junctures in our work, but for now we only mention this in passing as it is critical to any true re-evaluation of history. As such this seems a radical new idea, but we believe it is not new at all, and was taught anciently. The human brain has been shown to be shrinking, not growing, and the only portion of Man's brain to grow is the so-called left brain. We are rapidly loosing the more advanced ability to tap into the intuitive part of our brain. When this happens we become consummate bean counters, but visions, inspiration and intuition fade away into disuse.

We approach the explanation of some of these truths using a TOE (theory of everything) which can be shown to have been known to some, even in antiquity. In fact, the further back we seek for the evidence of such knowledge, the more obvious it is to us that this knowledge arises from the dawn of human consciousness, or from the beginnings of what could be called the "age of Man."

As such we accept a radically new approach to evolutionary theory — that of an evolution driven by consciousness itself. We are not the first to claim this, however. Ancient Man claimed this, and knew this to be true. Evidence pointing to this same ontological evolutionary concept can be found throughout the ruins of many ancient temple sites, and throughout Egypt. Formal statements as to this consciousness-first evolutionary idea were put into print by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, in the mid twentieth century, at a time when 'central dogma was the new mantra of evolutionists. These ideas were first published in his seminal work of esoteric-scientific synthesis titled, "Sacred Science."

Additionally, we hold that there have always been advanced individuals in possession of such fundamental knowledge. These individuals lived on earth at all periods of Man's development, even in remote times. Their existence, although not always explicit or provable with extant artifacts, is, never-the-less, implicit and can be seen through an examination of occult truth and ancient symbolism which encodes their knowledge. Although hard evidence of their science is ignored by the mainstream, it is quite apparent at sites across the planet. From the massive stones of ancient temple of Baalbek and alchemical healing henges like those at Stonehenge, to the relics of ancient civilizations like the Great Pyramid at Giza, the evidence lies everywhere. More importantly, many of the older sites are clearly mapped across the surface of the earth not only following sacred geodetic gridlines, but linked to celestial positioning and movements as they are reflected in the celestial drama of the galaxy; or, "as above, so below."

This latter form of knowledge was considered a sacred secret. This work has proceeded for 12 years both in the laboratory, and at ancient sites in the Great Basin of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Our reference to 'science' include both modern techniques as well as what was once known as 'sacred science,' referring to deductive fundamental research, deductive scientific theories within the pages of this site. The truths of the founding principles of this universe remain (as they always have), beyond the reach of those who seek knowledge merely for selfish gain, or prestige. Let them with eyes to see and ears to here, enter herein with open minds, but let them do so for the sake of all mankind, beginning with themselves.


"Why re-examine our premises at all," some may ask? "Do we not have cell phones, space travel and time-share condominiums?" Mainstream science is the religion of this new age of materialists, and scientists are its priesthood. Such a hegemony becomes a serious impediment to truth, because, in this age discovery tools and personnel are required for research, and these cannot be easily obtained without serious money. So here is the dilemma. In the modern fields of science, questioning any of these fundaments is forbidden. Those who do question the established paradigms, are denied peer-review, and because the MIE (military-industrial establishment) controls most funding, those outside the mainstream are on their own. Little experimentation can be done with "0" funds.

When we look at mainstream science critically, we realize that many of the threads from which current paradigms of mainstream cosmology are woven, are incorrect. All of the fun toys – merely artifacts – we create notwithstanding, we have no real answers concerning the most important questions we could ever ask. And these are the questions we must ask, or how can we say we differ from animals. After all, animals eat, sleep and breed. So how is it that we are the "crown of creation?"

Recently a consortium of scientists decided to stand their ground in a unified opposition to the scientific paradigm of creation out of nothing, known to most as the 'Big Bang.' This belief is shared equally by false religion in the form of the doctrine of '
ex nihilo,' as opposed to a correct cosmological tenet, "creatio ex materia", meaning creation out of some pre-existent, eternal matter (or aether). These scientists drafted a strongly worded statement opposing the cosmological monopoly of the Big Bang theory, titled, "An Open Letter to the Scientific Community." From this 'letter,' we read the following excerpts:

"Today, virtually all financial and experimental resources in cosmology are devoted to big bang studies. Funding comes from only a few sources, and all the peer-review committees that control them are dominated by supporters of the big bang. As a result, the dominance of the big bang within the field has become self-sustaining, irrespective of the scientific validity of the theory.

Giving support only to projects within the big bang framework undermines a fundamental element of the scientific method -- the constant testing of theory against observation. Such a restriction makes unbiased discussion and research impossible. To redress this, we urge those agencies that fund work in cosmology to set aside a significant fraction of their funding for investigations into alternative theories and observational contradictions of the big bang."

The 'letter' continues with this insightful statement:

"To avoid bias, the peer review committee that allocates such funds could be composed of astronomers and physicists from outside the field of cosmology."

The authors of this reprimand understand that it is often those not indoctrinated into a paradigm, who make the most objective observations.

What Albert Einstein would come to call the "space-time continuum," was once referred to as aether by classical physics (referring to a physics based on a mechanical modeling of forces). After most abandoned the premises of classical physics (by the early 20th century), it was replaced by Einstein's relativistic abstractions. Since that time mankind's quest for a TOE (theory of everything) can truly be said to have ended.

We do not believe this was an accident. There is every reason so suspect a deliberate militarized agenda entered into the scientific arena, superimposing abstract mathematics over the earlier mechanical modeling, in order to obfuscate the truth.

Even during the heyday of classical physics, problems arose in attempts to model the aether due to a misunderstanding of the aether's dynamic structure. The aether's quantized frequency (the microwave frequency of the base aether) lies in the microwave range of 273.15º K). This is now referred to popularly as "0-point energy". This was not understood during the height of this classical period. Classical physicists modeled the universe in terms of a frame of reference moving through an aetheric structure which itself was unmoving (stagnant) – based on a fixed position or referent.

(Ether physics)

"It is not really possible to speak of "the" ether [definitively], because as a scientific concept it evolved through three centuries, from Descartes (1596 – 1650) . . . to Hendrik Antoon Lorentz (1853 – 1928), who saw ether as a transparent massless solid at complete rest. Its only shared property, conserved through the centuries, is that it permeates all space and all matter, even the interstitial spaces between the atoms.

Through the centuries ether served three different purposes:
1. Transferral of forces; denial of Aristotelian action at a distance.
2. Propagation medium for light; first in the form of particles (Newton) later as vibrations (Young and Fresnel).
3. Absolute reference frame at rest; speeds of all (heavenly) bodies are with respect to ether.
Middle ages

The name ether comes from ancient Greek
αἰθήρ (aithèr) where it means the upper, radiating, air. Aristotle introduced it as a fifth element (quinta essentia) next to Earth, Fire, Water, and . . .

. . . René Descartes considered the medieval views on motion occult and therefore superseded; he believed instead that all forces are transmitted by direct contact. With regard to the actions between bodies not touching each other, such as two magnets, or the influence of the Moon's position on the tides, he postulated that they must be in direct contact through intermediate contiguous matter. The force is transmitted through this matter—the ether—by two agencies, pressure and impact. Space, in Descartes' view, is a plenum occupied by an ether, which, imperceptible to the senses, is capable of transmitting forces on material bodies immersed in it . . ."

We hold that the aether is a tessellated "matrix" of pure, coherent light (the ALL of Hermeticism) – visualized by many as a standing wave (as commonly referred to in 0-point energetics theory). Einstein's special relativity has been shown to be incorrect, but is still used because it provides answers close enough for many engineering purposes. It does not, however, attempt to explain aether, just to circumvent it in order to "get on with business." Einstein himself never claimed that the aether did not exist (a popular myth), but believed that it did. Physicist
Paul Dirac, often called the father of quantum electro-dynamics, insisted that his approach to quantum physics was geometric not algebraic. He went on record as saying that there had to be a geometry at the root of quantum phenomena.

[Note: Please see the section titled 'COSMO–RELIGION' for clarification]

Interestingly, claims that the results of the Fizeau 'aether-drag' experiment validated Einstein's "Special Theory of Relativity," in fact support the tenets of classical Aether theory, and not Einstein's concept. Interested readers click here: Classical Ether Theory Explains the Fizeau Experiment).

Mathematics is a great tool for engineering, for measuring and delineating. However, it cannot be used for explaining the nature of the universe itself any more than words can fully translate the experience of eating a chocolate cake to another unfamiliar with the experience. We can only refer to the actual aetheric principles using symbology, as only symbols can transcend the intellectual, and encode the vital experience of interaction between the spirit and its direct mystical experience with the dynamic light matrix of the ALL.

(Excerpt from a web site questioning the tenets of Darwinian Evolution]

". . . Working from skeleton alone, it is not so easy to define a man in comparison with an anthropoid ape. Actually, the anthropoid's skeleton differs only quantitatively from our own. The number of cranial bones and teeth is the same; the difference in the structure of the hands and feet is of degree only........ The only distinguishing character left therefore is the size of the brain. Human Brains range in size from 1000 to 2000 c.c. whilst ape brains are rarely larger than 600 c.c. (Baker, 1996) . . .

. . . In 1908, Professor Boule of The Institute of Human Paleontology in Paris declared Neanderthal an ape-man because of his low eye brow ridges and the stooped over posture of some of the specimens. This was to shape opinion and teaching for most of the 20th century. However, in 1950, things began to change. An embarrassing fact came out. Neanderthal man's brain capacity was larger than modern man's by over 200 cc's! One wonders if this fact would have been hidden if it had been 200 cc's less? Modern tests, including electron microscope scanning have proved that Neanderthal man, at least the stooped over ones, suffered from acute osteoarthritis.

Now lets talk about modern excavations. So many Neanderthal skeletons have been found now that all evolutionists cringe from the name. Not only skeletons either. Stone tools and iron tools have been found in quantity . . .

. . . Evolutionists have finally come up with a ready answer for their problems with Neanderthal man. They have decided he was an evolutionary dead-end. On what basis ? The fact that his brain cavity was 200 cc's larger than modern man's!”

Human evolution, Radically Reappraised

Hawks and Cochran analyzed mea­sure­ments of skulls from Europe, Jordan, Nubia, South Af­ri­ca, and Chi­na in the past 10,000 years, a pe­ri­od known as the Hol­o­cene era. They al­so stud­ied Eu­ro­pean and West Asian skulls from the end of the Pleis­to­cene era, which lasted from two mil­lion years ago un­til the Hol­o­cene.

“A con­stel­la­tion of fea­tures” changed across the board, Hawks and Cochran wrote in their pres­en­ta­tion . . .

Worrisome findings?

Hawks and Coch­ran said some of the most no­ta­ble phys­i­cal changes in hu­mans have been ones af­fect­ing the size of the brain case.

A “thing that should prob­a­bly wor­ry peo­ple is that brains have been get­ting smaller for 20,000 to 30,000 years,” said Coch­ran. But brain size and in­tel­li­gence aren’t tightly linked, he added. Also, growth in more ad­vanced brain ar­eas might have made up for the shrinkage, Coch­ran said; he spec­u­lated that an al­most break­neck ev­o­lu­tion of high­er fore­heads in some peo­ples may re­flect this. A study in the Jan. 14 Brit­ish Den­tal Jour­nal found such a trend vis­i­ble in Eng­land in just the past mil­len­ni­um, he noted, a mere eye­blink in ev­o­lu­tionary time.

Research pub­lished in the Sept. 9, 2005 is­sue of the re­search jour­nal Sci­ence by Lahn and col­leagues found that two genes linked to brain size are rap­idly evolv­ing in hu­mans . . .

. . . Many of the changes found in the ge­nome or fos­sil rec­ord reflect me­tab­o­lic alt­er­a­tions to ad­just to ag­ri­cul­tur­al life, Cochran said. Oth­er changes simp­ly make us weaker.

In the June 2003 is­sue of the re­search jour­nal Cur­rent An­thro­po­l­ogy, Hel­en Leach of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ota­go, New Zea­land wrote that skele­tons from some pop­u­la­tions in the hu­man line­age have un­der­gone a pro­gres­sive shrink­age and weak­en­ing, and re­duc­tion in tooth size, si­m­i­lar to changes seen in do­mes­ti­cat­ed an­i­mals. Humans seem to have do­mes­ti­cat­ed them­selves, she ar­gued, caus­ing phys­i­cal as well as men­tal changes."

Our intuitive brain is often called our primitive brain, but what does this really mean? Is intuition an evolutionary move forwards, or backwards? (See this link for parts of the brain and brain functions: http://meaningoflife.i12.com/brain.htm)


So what if we could live longer and remain healthy during this time as well. This is the promise of modern medicine. However modern medicine can do little more than to extend the endurance of the body, and can do little to enhance the quality of life, to say nothing of consciousness. If – as we maintain – consciousness actually drives evolution, and not the other way around, the modern suppression of chemicals which do radically alter – and many adherents claim enhance – consciousness (these have been placed in a Schedule 1' classification placing them off limits even for clinical studies) then this is the greatest irony of all!

What if one could live to see one's consciousness greatly enhanced, and the body tuned to a higher atomic vibrational state? Wart would such a person be like . . . look like. There are many examples in ancient writings of just such beings. Here are a few (below):


If we can accept both the preponderance of such stories, and the remarkable similarity in descriptions, seriously, then what? Perhaps more pertinent to the on-going discussion found in these pages – what then? What would one do with such a life? Go into hiding, or try to make a change in the pattern and flow of civilizations cycles of rise, decay and destruction?

There has been a persistent belief passed on down through the ages. The Theosophists (end of the 19th century) popularized this story among European audiences, but it had been circulating for millennia. Basically, this predominately Asian tradition told of a group, located in a remote area of the Earth, consisting of individuals who had attained a far higher level of awareness and spirituality than most of us. The story speaks to their altruism and intervention in human affairs, explaining that, from time to time this group has attempted to set mankind back on its spiritual path. The old stories of a secret city high in the TIbetan Alps (Shambala), and other similar legends, cause us to pause and contemplate: what if? (If the reader is interested in some of the background of this legend, and a modern-day continuation of this theory, we recommend the book, "
The People of the Secret," by Ernest Scott).


To sum up here, this 'CROWN OF CREATION' tab information was meant to provide an overview into our 'take' on this planet, its purpose, and to prepare the reader to gain some insight into our reasons in both creating this site, as well as providing our products (primarily the "Elixir of Life') to our custiomers. Our hope it to extend both the duration, and the quality of human life. "But, to what end," is a reasonable question?

Our goal is an eternal one, a spiritual one. We which to move human evolution one step closer to its eternal inheritance. Or, to quote a a very old vision from a rather new book of revelation:

"This is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

[Jehovah, Book of Moses, 1: 32]

We certainly hope there are such lofty intellects watching over mankind's real interests. Who wouldn't? However, we are not determinists. Just looking around at the path our society is on now, who does not wish for sanity? However, we also know that both the physical and spiritual salvation of mankind requires individual effort. Hence, mankind must determine its own destiny; this being accomplished one soul at a time. Every person needs to do their best to turn the rudder of their own ship, if we are to ever realize our manifest destiny as a race.

It would be nice if we could slow down time. Of course, this is impossible. At Spagyric Arts we suggest we all try another approach. We believe that is is possible to gain back a little time, so that we can do more in one lifetime; so that we might make it a bit further along our chosen paths. We think that making the revered 'Elixir of Lif'e' available to mankind once more, is a good start. We hope you agree with us, and that you will find it useful to that end.

Real Alchemy is not an early form of chemistry, as many today mistakenly believe, but a true spiritual discipline meant to unite the spirit and body in immortality and eternal unity with the Creator and Creation. In this sense it is a means to an end, or TRUE religion. The ancients claimed that the Magnum Opus (or
Great Work), when properly understood and practiced, had as its goal nothing short of the attainment of at-one-ment with God. It is to the clarification of what this means, and Mankind's true potential, that this web site is dedicated!

We will reintroduce the (correct) aether concept into this exegesis of esoteric cosmology. In this regard our site is like nothing you've ever read before. We hope our insights help to illuminate the secret of the ages. Along the way we will inevitably run headlong into the great philosophical questions of origins, human existence and the purpose(s) of life.

Welcome to our website. We hope that our humble offerings may assist those seeking answers to find a new light, and through light, a new epistemological basis for the study of occultism, and dedicate this information to those willing to make the sacrifices necessary to move their own spiritual evolution forward. To the spirit of truth, we dedicate this archive of esoteric wisdom and sacred science.

If ye continue in my word . . . ye shall know the truth . . . and the truth shall make you free.
~ Jesus Christ (John 8:32) ~


These products are the result of discoveries, themselves the by-product of our honest inquiry into the Truth. We were not looking for the Holy Grail — but we seem to have found it anyway. Our motivation for the production of these preparations, and supplying them to those with a desire to improve their health and consciousness, is driven by a desire to move the human family forward in its spiritual evolution. We hope you'll join a growing number of people whose interests in modern alchemy have lead them to us, and our OMMPA-based alchemical products.

Originally we harbored no intentions to produce these 'elixirs of life' commercially. However, our minds were changed as we discovered technologies like our M~Vortexer® (a device capable of significantly extending the efficacy of our products), and the M.O.V.E. Device® (a simple separator for concentrating di-atoms in water). Such discoveries are democratizing. Now, for only about $2.00 per day (less than a Latté) interested individuals can afford our to implement a regimen based in our complete series of products.

The decision was finally made to go public with our discoveries. Additionally, felt we needed to do our part to counter the rising tide of allopathic madness sweeping our planet. Speaking collectively, we have never seen a time in human history when so many, consumed such non-nutritional foods, and lived such (spiritually and physically) unhealthy lives. Although the word is out on the need for nutrients in our food (and the need to grow and consume foods grown in mineral rich soil), still many in the world cannot afford to buy truly healthy produce, and end up eating corporately manufactured, genetically modified products of questionable quality and nutritional value.

We believe that coming circumstances will require access to the health-enhancing properties of the products we offer to the public. As the future rapidly approaches when both natural and man-made diseases will spread across the earth, the importance of strengthening our immune systems cannot be overemphasized.

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Our approach to product development has been to locate ores (like our Magi's Blend® pure white dolomite) and other sources (Zechstein Liquid Magnesium®) already high in these OMMPAs — the active ingredients, or
QE, found in the ancient 'elixirs of life, and trapped by alchemical processes in ancient healing traditions. We have developed our science with the goal of comprehending the aetheric forces and geological environments which create and concentrate OMMPAs, respectively. Then we sought out locations where materials high in these marvels of nature are to be found. In some cases, these locations and environments were already labeled by the ancients. We only needed to learn to read!

Our approach to producing these OMMPAs — the active ingredients, or
QE, found in the ancient 'elixirs of life, — has been to locate ancient sources of the minerals once used by the alchemists. We harvest and process these ores directly, to produce our products. Our products are not made by burning metals, by reverse electroplating pure metals, nor by processing ocean water, or by concentrating tap water with magnetic vortexes, etc. In this regard, our products are absolutely unique in the marketplace. Those who have taken our products already know this, and the word is spreading rapidly.

We harvest and process these ores directly, and produce our products totally in-house; from raw materials to packaging. Our products are not made using variations of Hudson's patents (which were deliberately written missing key details, in order to protect his discoveries), by reverse electroplating pure metals, nor by processing ocean water, or concentrating tap water with magnetic vortexes, etc. In this regard, our products are absolutely unique in the marketplace. Those who have taken our products already know this, and the word is spreading rapidly. (For comments on the efficacy of our products, please se our '
Customer Comments' page).

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We now offer our suite of products to the public, and hope that our customers will find them as beneficial as we have, for the quality and duration of their lives; a gift from the ancient Magi to the world, and from nature herself, to all of us, her children.



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Over the last couple of decades many people have become discouraged from taking natural sources of supplemental calcium and magnesium, often because of sensationalist claims of high heavy metal levels in products derived from the shells of mollusks, and to a lesser degree from some dolomites. Time for a reality check. The truth is that heavy metals like lead and arsenic, are found naturally in the soil and water, although in small amounts. These metals are found, to one degree or another, in everything we eat and in the water we drink, and the levels of lead contaminants from unnatural sources — from paints, automobile exhaust, etc. — are much lower now than a couple of decades ago, thanks in large part to the imposition of government regulations. Our government attempts to regulate lead in our diets attempts to ensure that we do not get too much each day.

Most people to not realize, however, that
calcium and magnesium sweep these same heavy metals from our blood and tissues. In fact every year the number of studies which link magnesium deficiency to numerous life-threatening diseases and health conditions increases at an alarming rate. High calcium and magnesium diets can help a great deal to eliminate much of the lead and arsenic from our body's tissues. Both lower levels of such materials, as well as more basic (higher pH) bodily fluids, are proven to lower the risk of cancer.

The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) is the body responsible for determining standards for strength and purity of drugs and supplements in the United States. With lead levels far below the stringent USP standards for carbonate supplements — 3ppm —
Magi's Blend® pure white dolomite is an exceptionally safe, natural source of two of the human body's most critical metals, calcium and magnesium.

Additionally, we maintain that our
Magi's Blend® pure white dolomite contains high levels of Silver (Ag), Rhodium (Rh) and Copper (Cu) OMMPAs (aka ORMUS, M-State metals, etc.). These 3 primordial metallic QE (quinta essentia) make Magi's Blend a one of a kind supplement. The effects of taking this dolomite on a regular basis have been reported in as little 2-3 weeks, but after several months most of our clients find dramatic improvements in their overall wellness.

The effects of proper magnesium supplementation appear cumulative over time, so improvements in our health can take some time to manifest themselves. This is a good reason to start taking the proper nutritional supplements. Note that not all damage to the bodies can be reversed once it has progressed to a certain stage, so regular use of
Magnesium and Calcium (in a balanced ratio), by those who have neglected the same, should be begun as soon as possible.


It can take up to 4-6 months for oral supplements like dolomite (also called calcium-magnesium carbonate) to saturate the body with essential nutrients at the required levels to maintain optimal health. Metals also compete for absorption in the small intestine, and are regularly flushed from our bodies through excretion. For these and other reasons, regular on-going supplementation is a must.

Additionally, absorption levels of
calcium and magnesium from sources like carbonates differ, with a higher level of calcium being bio-available than magnesium at about a ratio of 3:1. This is why we also provide a transdermal (absorbed through the skin) magnesium supplement that we call Zechstein Liquid Magnesium®. (please see the MAGNESIUM AND HEALTH page on our site).

From an article entitled:
Magnesium and Calcium Help Protect Against CVD (Cardio Vascular Disease), we found the following excerpts educational.


. . . The two large areas identified in each of the maps shown as Figs 1-3 represent the regions of increased longevity (Northern Midcontinent Area) and decreased longevity (Southeastern Coastal Area). The previous studies, referred to above, showed clearly that the area of increased longevity was characterized by markedly decreased CVM and, conversely, the decreased longevity area by markedly increased CVM. In fact, CVM was the major factor responsible for the increased and decreased (compared with the average) longevity in the two regions. The average water compositions for each county are shown for hardness (Fig. 1) and for concentrations of magnesium (Fig. 2) and calcium (Fig. 3). Magnesium and calcium were chosen for study, not only because they are the most consistent, major cations present in hard water, but also because one or the other or both are generally regarded as the most probable cause of the hard water effect on CVM (Marier et al., 1979). Hard water usually contains considerable calcium, and may also contain considerable magnesium. Limestone (CaCO3 and dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2) are both major sources of calcium in water. Of the two, only dolomite contributes magnesium, however. Therefore, some natural hard waters have a high Ca: Mg ratio, others a low Ca: Mg ratio, and many fall in an intermediate range.

Figure 1 shows a striking, positive relationship between water hardness and the region of increased longevity (decreased CVM), and the converse relationship is also quite good — that is, a negative relationship with the region of decreased longevity (increased CVM). In Fig. 2 the relationship between low concentrations of magnesium and decreased longevity (increased CVM) is very good, but the converse is not as obvious. In Fig. 3 the high concentrations of calcium correlate well with increased longevity (decreased CVM), but the converse is questionable.

(For more on magnesium supplementation, please refer to the article, "
The Miracle of Magnesium," by Dr. Dean)


Marked by the Magi with distinctive alchemical symbols and sigils, this dolomite is the 'prima materia' which we use to create our Amrita•Soma® product. Hidden in the deserts of the Great Basin for millennia, Spagyric Arts now offers this remarkable mineral compound as a natural calcium and magnesium supplement, with a magical difference. Perhaps we should have named Magi's Blend® pure white dolomite, Magic-CAL?

Dolomitic limestone used by the ancient Magi, from various sources in the Great Basin, USA

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The Secret of the Ages rediscovered ~ Mankind’s forgotten history revealed

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.
Is there anything of which one can say, "Look! This is something new"? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time.

~ Ecclesiastes 1: 9-10 ~

All truth remains, as it always has, an extension of the very structure of the universe itself, the universal aether – or the ALL of the Esoteric and Hermetic traditions. Spagyric Arts' alchemical science is based in the true cosmology of the universe whose effects result from the one cause, the dynamic aether. This aether is the ALL, is eternal (gnolaum), and is therefore is the property of no one.

This aether is the uncreated. It is fundamental. Although many think that an understanding of this ALL is not possible, we believe it is possible to model it so that we may understand something of the mechanisms of its dynamics, and by so doing better understand the laws which flow from its existence, as they are manifest within duality. It is this duality which was instigated at the foundation of the universe as we know it, when the first "intelligence" became self-aware; He being God. His first act – after gaining self-realization – was to create a duality so that he could understand the ALL. Consciousness follows the manifestation of duality.

The Monad is an ancient symbol indicating not only polarity (opposition) in balance, but a representation of the creation of the universe from an imposed condition of duality (for more on the cosmology, see the section
COSMO-RELIGION on this site)

The Monad (Yin-Yan)

The duality was created by an act of pure thought – what we today in physics call a 'chirp' of energy. As the ALL is a dynamic, tessellated light matrix, the only way to create a duality within this fabric of space was with light itself. This light was in the form of a concentrated, cascading, focused amplitude pulse. For God, a thought was the suchness of the thing, and so it was written that God said: "Let there be light."

A clearer retelling of the story of original creation is that version found in the esoteric text from the "mother' Church at Glastonbury, England:

THE KOLBRIN ~ Book of Creation
Chapter 1 — Creation

3. Before the beginning, there was only one consciousness, that of The Eternal One whose nature cannot be expressed in words. It was The One Sole Spirit, The Self Generator, which cannot diminish, The Unknown, Unknowable One brooding solitary in profound pregnant silence.

4. The name that is uttered cannot be that of this Great Being who, remaining nameless, is the beginning and the end, beyond time, beyond the reach of mortals, and we in our simplicity call it God.

5. He who preceded all existed alone in His strange abode of uncreated light, which remains ever inextinguishable, and no understandable eye can ever behold it. The pulsating draughts of the eternal life light in His keeping were not yet loosed. He knew Himself alone, He was uncontrasted, unable to manifest in nothingness, for all within His Being was unexpressed potential.

6. The Great Circles of Eternity were yet to be spun out, to be thrown forth as the endless ages of existence in substance. They were to begin with God and return to Him completed in infinite variety and expression.

7. Earth was not yet in existence, there were no winds with the sky above them; high mountains were not raised, nor was the great river in its place. All was formless, without movement, calm, silent, void and dark. No name had been named and no destinies fore-shadowed.

8. Eternal rest is intolerable, and unmanifested potential is frustration. Into the solitude of timelessness came Divine Loneliness and from this arose the desire to create, that He might know and express Himself, and this generated the Love of God. He took thought and brought into being within Himself the Universal Womb of Creation containing the everlasting essence of slumbering spirit.

9. The essence was quickened by a ripple from the mind of God and a creative thought was projected. This generated power, which produced light, and this formed a substance like unto a mist of invisible dust. It divided into two forms of energy through being impregnated with The Spirit of God and, quickening the chaos of the void within the Universal Womb, became spun out into whirlpools of substance. From this activity, as sparks from a fire, came an infinite variety of spirit minds, each having creative powers within itself.

10. The activating word was spoken, its echoes vibrate still, and there was a stirring movement which caused instability. A command was given and this became the Everlasting Law. Henceforth, activity was controlled in harmonious rhythm and the initial inertia was overcome. The Law divided the materialising chaos from God and then established the boundaries of the Eternal Spheres.

11. Time no longer slept on the bosom of God, for now there was change where before all had been unchanging, and change is time. Now within the Universal Womb was heat, substance and life, and encompassing it was the Word which is the Law.

12. The command was given, "Let the smallest of things form the greatest and that which lives but a flash form everlastingness." Thus the universe came into being as a condensation of God's thought, and as it did so it obscured Him from all enclosed within His solidifying creation. Henceforth, God was hidden, for He has always remained dimly reflected in His creation. He became veiled from all that came forth from Him. Creation does not explain itself, under the Law it cannot do so, its secrets have to be unravelled by the created.

13. All things are by nature finite, they have a beginning, a middle and an end. An unaccomplishable purpose would be eternal frustration and therefore, the universe being created purposefully it must have an objective. If it ended without anything else following, then the God existing must slumber indifferent to its activities. But He has made it a living work of greatness operation under the changeless Law.

14. The creating word had been spoken, now there was another command and the power going forth smote the sun so its face was lit, and it shone with a great radiance pouring warmth and light upon its sister Earth. Henceforth she would live within the protection of her brother's household, rejoicing in his benevolence and strength.

15. The waters upon the bosom of Earth were gathered together and dry land appeared. When the covering of water was rolled back the body of Earth was unstable, damp and yielding. The face of the sun shone down kindly upon his sister and the dry land of her body became very hard, humidity and dampness were taken away. He gave her a garment of fleece and a veil of fine linen, that she might clothe her body with modesty.

16. From the Great Womb had sprung the Spirit of Life and it was rampant in the Heavens. It gazed upon Earth and saw her fairness, and was filled with desire, and came out of the heavenly spaces to possess her. It came not peacefully as a lover, but tempestuously as a ravager. Its breath howled along her corridors and raged among her mountain tops, but it did not discover the dwelling place of her Spirit. She had withdrawn, as a woman withdraws before force, for modesty must not be outraged in submission. Yet she desired its embrace, for among all the Radiant Company she was honoured.

Without this action of the framer of the original heavens and earths, the God of nature, our Father in Heaven, the ALL would be unmanifest. Contrary to popular opinion, this first light was not the sun, nor the moon, nor any heavenly body, as no matter can exist before the cause – which manifested itself as matter – is initiated. It is the old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? The truth is that it was neither. Thanks to the Father of all things, the 'primordial waters' (Egyptian Nun) of the universe – which we can think of as the womb of heaven – gave rise to the physical universe. What came first was the light within the womb of heaven, which created duality.

Nun, hieroglyph for "primordial water' or aether

This aether (also Soph or Sophia of Gnosticism) represents the female principle, balanced in opposition to the male principle, God. And so all things within this universe are opposed, the light and dark, joy and pain, good and evil. Without opposition nothing can exist, not even God. For those who embrace a neo-platonic cosmology which sees an artificial division between spirit and matter (denying the aetheric medium), who believe God was the only thing which existed, and that He made all things from nothing (
ex nihilo), this Hermetic axiom is always perceived as heresy.

Creative harmony (the power of God) has been symbolized, since the dawn of man's awareness and esoteric understanding, by the symbol of the upward-pointed triangle. This is the symbol of the aetheric pulse of traveling light-amplitude, referred to in modern science as a photon, and radiation. (For more on the dynamic geometry of the aether, see the section
Cosmo-Religion, on this site. Go to the 'Aether Cosmology' tab)

The upward-pointing triangle symbolizes God's self-realizing and consciousness

The downward-pointing triangle is the symbol of co-creation shared with God

The downward pointing triangle is the symbol of the ability of Mankind to share in the creation, as co-creators with God. No greater expression of love and trust can be given to Mankind than this sacred gift of co-creation. On this earth woman becomes the likeness of the original Soph of creation, as she nurtures the children of God, the offspring of the cosmos. This spiritual first creation is recorded by the Hebrew priests in the first chapter of the book of Genesis. It is also mirrored in Proverbs 8: 22-31. This refers to 'spiritual' creation, not the cycles of physical creation. Many are confused by this description, and as the energy blueprints of worlds take only thousands of our years to be realized, those who cannot understand esoteric wisdom confuse this, and believe in a physical creation which took only mere days, or only thousands of years. It is the lack of understanding of esoteric symbolism in those who read such ancient religious records literally which causes so much misunderstanding among the Children of Men.

It is ironic that the ancient scriptures used by so many today, were received through the hands of those who are identified with the very mnemonic glyph which was used anciently to symbolize this aetheric duality. It was the archaic symbol for God, and the power of God. This is that symbol (below).

Solomon's Seal, or Star of David, a snapshot of the aetheric fabric of space

We believe that it is impossible to achieve immortality and eternal life without understanding both the nature of spiritual harmony with this creation, and the principles upon which physical life exists and thrives. As will be revealed, the attainment of a spiritually harmonized and physically energized fusion of body and spirit (the Soul) is the final goal of all who may be called
Esoterics. It has always been so. Yet, it is only those who seek truth and live in light, who can become the heirs of final at-one-ment with God. For as it can truly be said, "seek, and ye shall find," the inverse principle is "seek not, and ye shall not find."

It is the vital goal and purpose of all who can be called the sons and daughters of God to seek for at-one-ment. Some of the implications of the search, and the ideas and knowledge needed to pursue this at-one-ment, are covered within the pages of this web site. Anciently, some knew more, and other less, concerning the fullness of these truths. However, the truth simply is, and remains, eternal. It is stored as light amplitude in the fabric of space itself. This intelligence is embedded in the aether, and has been called by many names, including the
Akashic Record, the Light of Christ, and so on.

In this hieroglyph (below), the 'Tree of Life' is offering up its 'fruit' in the form of the elixir(s) of life to an endowed Egyptian priest. The aether, or alchemical 'Mercury,' is a living thing, not in the way we normally understand life, but it is the progenitor of all life. It is the amplitude of the aether that drives the hadrons of organic molecules to higher energy levels in living things. This condition returns to normal, as entropy takes over after death.
OMMPAs (see OMMPA section in this site) act to transfer one form of energy to another in this case transferring aetheric amplitude (electrical potential) to higher states of electron potential (spin), much as crystal structures rectify magnetic waves, converting them to electrical potential. This alchemical 'Sulfur' (an alchemical term referring to higher levels of light or heat) accelerates our life energy, making our entire body (all matter being alchemical Salt) vibrate at higher levels, harmonizing us.

The potential energy of the aether, trapped by the 'quinta essentia,' tranfers this light energetic to water, and from thence to the initiated.

As the upward-pointing triangle is the symbol of God's power to modify the aether (ALL), or creation, it is also the symbol for those who share in this knowledge and power by way of endowment. These endowments were received anciently in temples dedicated and consecrated to God. As far back as we can trace them into the distant past, these same principles applied wherever true temples were established. Where esoteric practitioners lived and practiced, there were temples. Where there were true temples, there was esoteric knowledge, or gnosis.

The symbolism known as Ain, Ain-Soph, Ain-Soph Aur (Egyptian Hermeticism) as it appears on two temple walls,
established by esoteric traditions separated by almost 4500 years of time. This is the phenomena of gnosis.

In the subterranean temple complex in ancient Mesopotamian (above), we see the same symbolism as on the base of a modern Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Where esotericism reigns, Temples appear. Although temples vary, from the underground vault of Zoroasterism, to the Stupa of Buddhist traditions, the reasons for building temples, their purposes and the inclusion of the symbols of sacred-science, were the same. This consistency cannot be easily explained as coincidence.

Among the traditions practiced in ancient temples was the use of two sacraments. One of these sacraments (manna) consisted of an elixir consisting of micro-cluster metallic di-atoms which were believed to extend human life and consciousness. There were many names for these compounds, including Amrita, Soma, Haoma, the Dancing Waters, the Elixir of Life, Manna and so on. We hold that these elixirs were the inspiration for the ubiquitous legends of the fruit of the Tree of Life, the Fountains of Youth, the Philosopher's Stone, the Holy Grail, and so on. On this site we explore the history, sacred-science, and re-discovery of this marvelous technology . . . of the gods.

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Our Amrita•Soma® is the original elixir used by the ancients for epochs. Known in Egypt, ancient Armenia (Anatolia), the Northern Europe, Ireland, ancient Iberia, the highlands of Iran (ancient Persia), the Indus Valley, Indonesia and China, we can trace its use as least as far back as 24,000 BCE. Please see our products page for more information.



After our re-discovery of the ancient Magi's on-going exploration and missionary journeys to the New World, we were able to identify and transliterate many of their esoteric alchemical-astrological symbols. This lead to an understanding of their geological and mineralogical knowledge. Their science was as sophisticated as any today, and in some ways more advanced. Lacking much of the advanced instrumentation of our modern scientific age, they did not lack all. They utilized navigational instruments, cartography and seaworthy ocean-going vessels to travel to the New World. Using simple versions of our modern microscopes, electrostatic field detectors and dowsing technologies, they appear to have located, harvested and processed the 'Elixir of Life' on these shores.

Following in the wake of our discoveries, we have been collecting 'prim materia' (see
Alchemy Rediscovered, under the Prima Materia tab) ores from many locations around the United States. We store these materials for later use, and continue to re-discover additional ancient sites where alchemical elixirs were once used in ritual practices.

Spagyric Arts, LLC., has begun to reproduce the ancient sacramental 'elixirs of life' based on ancient formulas and using the original minerals once used by these ancient esoteric alchemist-astrologer-priests. The traditions followed by the Magi had their roots in previous epochs. From around the world the evidence supports the idea that intelligent hominoids (
giants most recently, and perhaps Homo floresiensis before them, and so on) have been around for a long, long time. Asian (Indian) traditions speak to there having been 4 'ages of man' before now. At various sites once used by those we refer to as being of the 'cosmo-religion', the evidence is so old that it suggests that there were indeed some with a high level of scientific achievement as far back as 7,500 years BCE, or even earlier.

If we accept this premise (high technology known anciently), and understanding how long some advancements may have taken to have been realized, we feel it is logical to assume that at least some of the sacred science in the possession of these early races would logically have been passed on from those who lived before their time. It seems wise than to learn from these ancient alchemists. This is our modus operandi. We feel that re-inventing the wheel may not be as wise as learning what was once known about the wheel, and seeing if we can modernize it . . . a bit. In pursuing our alchemical goals in this manner, we have found that there was much more to the ancient science than anyone has heretofore believed. And in this case . . . all puns intended . . . we literally "stand on the shoulders of giants!"

Dolomite storage room

We have mapped out many ancient sites, but we carefully harvest only small amounts of the ores present, and are actively involved in preserving these ancient sites, from both vandalism and careless destruction. For this reason we do not reveal the true names or locations of these sites in our scientific communiqués and articles.

However, we are willing to release this information to those whom we consider legitimate caretakers of these sites, and reserve the right to refuse the same to those who do not qualify as such. These sites deserve International Heritage Site protection. We hope that this will not remain the case for long, however, as yet most remain unrecognized by the international community. Vandalism and theft of petroglyphs have plagued many of these sites. We do not wish to hasten their demise, and so we will not be making most site locations known within these pages, except where these sites are already developed and protected.

Qualified representatives of 'Native American' nations, and professional scientists with open minds, are invited to contact us for more information.



Spagyric Arts, LLC is a privately owned and operated alchemical laboratory and mineral processing facility located in St. Helens, Oregon. We have dedicated our resources to bettering our understanding of ancient alchemical processes, using up-to-date scientific techniques.

Below are some pictures of our laboratory.

Lab_left side (shown is a ventilation hood with dolomite processing set-up, mixer, scale, centrifuge and Erlenmeyer flasks used in decanting)

Lab-right side (shown are pH solutions and various tools, mineral samples and optical-recording petrological microscope and micrograph on Mac laptop)



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Below is some information on the images appearing as page headers. We thought this might be of some interest to some of our readers (and this information does not appear anywhere else).

Images seen in our headers (as they appear under the main tabs on our website's pages)

ABOUT US — Stained glass 'Rosace,' Notre Dame Cathedral, Strasbourg, France (wikipedia commons).

PRODUCTS — Spagyric Arts (original) product line (2007-2009).

ALCHEMY REDISCOVERED — Ancient alchemical information indicating the presence, formula for preparation of the (Green Dragon) 'elixir of life,' and a warning concerning lead and arsenic (in the earth and the water, respectively), from a Prima Materia petroglyph site in the Great Basin. This transliterational breakthrough — the seminal discovery of the Magi in the Mojave — was nothing short of an alchemical rosetta stone.

OMMPA ̉(ORMUS) — Prima Materia' glyphs found at various sites around the the Great Basin and the Southwest of the United States. This is not the olderst form of this concept, but it was used throughout the continents of North and South America, and especially in the Great Basin proper generally, and the Southwest deserts of North America, on down into Northern Mexico, as this was the actual area of the globe once referred to as the 'underworld,' also P'Atala or just Atala, in the texts of ancient India. For more on thiss see teh section THE PROMISED LAND, under the COSMO-RELIGION section of this website.

COSMO-RELIGION — The ancient 'stone henge' known as Karahunj, located in the high plains of ancient Armenia (Turkey). Many claim this to be mankind's first astronomical (astrological) oservatory.

MAGNESIUM & HEALTH — Cupules (holes) ground in magnesian limestone; part of the limestone outcrop dating back to Pangea and the great Permian-Triassic comet cataclysm, ca. 250 million years before present.

CONTACT — Kalamakara (Buddhist version of the original Indian Rahu-Ketu) sculpture from a temple in Indonesia. The Rahu/Kala stories derive from the original storie surrounding the production of Amrita(Soma) once best known as the legend of the 'churning of the ocean of milk.'

SITEMAP (Now linked on ABOUT US page) — Compound esoteric alchemical petroglyph (sigil) indicating that the mineral (dolomite) at this site was a prima materia, but indicating that it only contains 3 (or perhaps 4) of the 5 quinta essentia.

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